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 New Marketing which Rocked Bollywood in 2019

Bollywood has come a long way as long as movie marketing is concerned. It is no more restricted to just TV, Print and outdoor spaces but has expanded on digital platforms as well. Considering this evolving market, Janak Bhanushali (CEO) & Nirmal Bhanushali (Media Planner) understood the importance for the audience to connect with the stars on a more personal level. Holding on to this thought along with immense passion, Janak tapped into the digital market. Right from being a business head to becoming the CEO of HIFI Digi, he has made a revolution in the movie marketing field.

When the entertainment industry was facing glitches because of demonetization, at this point Janak majorly invested in movie ticket booking portals and foresaw the digital future of movie marketing.

In a way, the entertainment industry benefited from the scheme of online booking post demonetization in the urban areas but were yet to expand their base in rural areas.

In order to promote movies that connect with the audience, he emphasized on digital presence of the film. HIFI Digi was the first media agency to execute a successful promotional campaign on Tik Tok for ‘Alita’. They integrated the concept of influencer marketing and augmented reality for the promotion of various Bollywood films and independent songs. Some of them being for the film ‘Bharat’ starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif where the hashtag #slowmotionsong and #chasni were used to promote via an influencer activity.

Another few renowned influencer campaigns for independent songs like Yaad Piya Ki and O Saki Saki gained 280.7 M+ and 532.2M+ reach respectively. Bijli Ki Taar, Nahi Jaana, Ek toh kum zindagani are more such songs that indulged in this promotional activity.

They also used augmented reality on Snapchat to create fun movie filters that engage the audience for movies like Dabangg 3, Kalank, Sanju and more.
This in turn, creates a ripple effect globally and mainly focuses on always increasing the user-generated content apart from the convention like, share, comment metrics of engagement which accounts to over five million UGC combining all movie and song promotions that he was associated with.

As the world has become digital, going forward and expanding more avenues in the digital space and innovating more such engaging ways of promoting films is what Janak is looking for in the near future.

Bollywood marketing has grown smarter in the past few months and Janak foresees a great 2020 with better campaigns with deeper use of data, influencers and tech in marketing. 

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