From first conversation to staring at his photos, Alia Bhatt's confessions about boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's chemistry has been the talk of the town ever since they started dating. However, did you know Alia Bhatt first met him at the age of 11? Check out such more interesting confessions the actress made about Ranbir Kapoor.


So how old was RK , same age as her older brother or older sister ,LOL

Oh plssssssssssssss. Spare us this drama.

Alia, all I can say is, you are still as good as a high school gal. Probably they have more maturity than you. And I hope no one has a friend like you, shameless girl

I hope brahmastra releases tomo, we had enough of this BS

I am sure all her friends will keep their boyfriends away from her. Zero ethics. I totally lost it when she gave this love speech in the awards show Knowing Katrina was sitting right there. What was the need to say I love you ranbir up on the show??? Shame on you. No respect for others feelings. Drama queen. And your so called bf did not even mention you when he went to take his award. I am glad atleast ranbir had that much of decency.

I just want to punch her in the face.

Here goes again, the Tom and Jerry of Bollywood

Ranbir looks like a lost soul and this dumbo keeps talking about her love... lady, get a grip and realize he is not into you. It totally looks forced. Neither his mom seems to understand. Oh yea, both are selfish so they tag along fine.

Most of these negative comments are from Kat and her PR.

Who are you? Alia’s PR?

And without knowing she was never been a bff of kat

Alia, my love. Count your days in Bollywood

Hahaha. So Ranbir has been won by Alia. Ranbir is a narcissist and Alia is a bigger narcissist. What a match! Alia is Katrina’s revenge served by Karma. She is probably happy that Ranbir is stuck like that.

Alia got what she wanted. Ranbir got what he deserved.

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