Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, here’s a list of the celebs from Bollywood who didn't complete their studies

In Bollywood, where there are many celebrities who are highly educated, there are also celebs who are not so educated. And today, we bring to you a list of the Bollywood celebrities who had to leave education half way. Read on!


Late Sridevi

Deepika herself said she’s only 10th class pass

Pinkvilla, please also include the new list of unpadh actors who will be forced down up on us .. Khushi, Jahanvi, Ananya Pandey, Tara, Deols, etc.

The entire Bollywood nepo families are uneducated

Why does the media keep tagging alia with deepika ? For attention ? To try to promote alia in some superior way ?Please ! I want to read about deepika alone so please media do seperate articles thank you.

In this photo alia's face looks lopsided as if her botox for the bebo look was just settling in lol !

Aalias' tonal quality in itself speaks volumes on her educational background or lack thereof..

Yeah it shows when they open their mouths! Btw what about Kareena kapoor? She is another uneducated, unintelligent bimbo.

This proves education is so important

Sonam’s whole family is all uneducated it seems. Unless shanaya intends on finishing school.

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