Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan spill the secrets of their successful marriage, favourite couple and more

Saif Ali Khan recently graced Kareena Kapoor Khan's talk show and revealed some interesting secrets about their marriage. Check it out.


It was great to see them together....very grounded, relatable and real, no promo of each other, trying to sell themselves on us. It’s apparent that they’re also very much in love...the glow and smile in their eyes whenever they made eye contact, him teasing her, her gentleness with him and in the goodbye hug where she giggled and he moaned “mmmm” was so sexy n very tellling.

Unorganised men don't make effort in relationships. They just show up to reap the rewards of the effort you make. If you are doing all the leg work then what is he good for? DP, Bipasha, even Anushka all the women in relationships who planned their weddings, travels and day to day lives, doing all the leg work and their husbands provide "emotional support".

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