From Saif Ali Khan to Ajay Devgn, here's a list of actors who romanced their sisters in law on screen

In Bollywood, we have observed that many actors were unknowingly romantically paired opposite actresses who later went on to become their future sisters-in-law. So today, we bring to you the list of actors who romanced their sisters-in-law on-screen. Read on!


Ugh! Ulty

It's not that weird, it's a small community and they all married after these movies. Hum Saath-Saath Hain was the first movie I saw both Saif and Karisma in, neither were single back then, otherwise maybe they would have ended up together, she is closer in age to him than Kareena. Also, Anil and Sridevi are such a legendary couple, I guess they were just never attracted to each other, doors were always open.

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