PHOTOS: Actresses launched by Salman Khan who didn't make it big in Bollywood

Apart from Karan Johar, there's one more celebrity who is known to launch star kids and celebrities in B-town. It is none other than the Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan. Today, we take a look at the list of actresses launched by Salman Khan who failed to make it big in Bollywood. Read on!


They were bad choices Sneha and Zareen were chosen because they reminded Salman of his ex girlfriends. Daisy herself I feel reminds you of Rani.

Salman has a bad psychological problem. He didn't care if these girls could act or not, he picked them all because they reminded him of girls he was in love with. Sneha is Aish, Zarine is Katrina, Sana is Somy, and you are right, Daisy does look like Rani. Now his newest launch Warina look like Karisma, who we all know he is still very fond of. It's very disturbing.

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