Sara Ali Khan's adorable moments with her mom Amrita Singh prove she is a mumma's girl; See Pics

The daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, Sara Ali Khan is one of the most talked about star kids of Bollywood. Sara is currently spending quality time with her mom Amrita Singh in London. Sara is a self-proclaimed mumma's girl. Check out these photos.


It's seen in her mother's eyes. She has endured a lot, she used to be beautiful and talented actress. God bless amritaaaa

Amritha doesn’t look like once star heroine. She looks like a mom in real world. I can imagine why. She had to focus on surviving with raising two children by herself in Bollywood world than to maintain her physique. The emotional ups and downs are clearly visible on her face. Hope Sara inherits both her mom’s physical and mental beauty.

nice to see sara pamper amrita now that shes earnig her own money...just hope amrita dsnt dictate saras life choices like how babita ruined karismas life.

To the person claiming Babita ruined Karisma’s life — you have any proof ??
Both Karisma & Kareena always say that whatever they are today, is because of their mum .
It clearly shows their your mum ruined your life - didn’t teach you to differentiate between gossips, rumors to reality. Poor education, poor upbringing on your part.
Sara is absolutely stunning! She is smart, educated, humble and seem to be a very good person. Amrita did a great job raising her just like Babita did with Lolo and Bebo

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