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10 years of Game of Thrones and a tweet hinting that a remake of the ending is on the cards?

It's been 10 whole years since the iconic show first hit our screens. Yes, ten.

HBO intends on posting GoT material across all its socials in a month-long celebration of its hit series. Its popularity has been unparalleled in recent times, and it's a show most have watched or at least heard of. From its poignant characters to multiple arcs, the run has been widely acclaimed.

In honour of its anniversary, HBO shared a vague, cryptic tweet saying "winter is coming." For anyone who has watched the show, this line is utterly iconic. Immediately, Twitter went wild with theories that HBO is perhaps teasing a remake of the controversial ending of the last season. The saga's last few moments were not well received, and there was even a petition to remake the final season. It was a rushed finale to its legacy, so is HBO hinting at a remake to sate its viewers' disappointment? Is this a reveal on its 10th anniversary? What do you think?


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