10 Years of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: The Film Wasn't About a Road Trip, It Was About Relationships

ZNMD was promoted, viewed, and enjoyed as a road movie where a bunch of friends celebrate a bachelor's trip. While the film did speak about travel & roadtrip, it had very very strong undertones of discussing complex relationships. Here's every relationship it discussed:


* Kabir & Natasha: Kabir, who's getting married in two months is on a bachelor trip with his friends and in the process realises that it is not what he wants. He comes to terms with the growing insecurities of his fiance and understands that marrying her would be a hasty decision. While the film begins with him proposing to Natasha, it ends with him acknowledging that he cannot get married to her.


* Arjun & Imran: Despite being childhood friends, there is a palpable tension between Arjun (Hrithik) and Imran (Farhan). We are later told that Imran got involve with Arjun's girlfriend and that led to things falling apart. Their friendship completes its journey with Imran genuinely realising his mistake and apologising to Arjun.


* Arjun & Laila: Arjun (Hrithik) meets Laila on the journey and is made to realise how life is meant to be lived. The love that grows between them feels organic and Arjun towards the end of the movie breaks all the shackles that had been taking him away from life's simple pleasures.


* Imran & Salman Habib (His Father): We're introduced to Imran finding out that his recently deceased father was not his real dad. His real father was in Spain who had left him even before he was born. When Imran (Farhan) meets Salman Habir (Naseeruddin Shah), he is reminded of why his mother never wanted to know about him. He realises how it takes more than just biological stigma to be a father.


* Arjun & Rohini: We are first introduced to Arjun (Hrithik) going through a break up because his girlfriend was too upset with him for prioritising work over his relationship. It may have been a small part of film's narrative but speaks volumes about Arjun's approach to love and relationships.  


Which relationship in the movie was your favourite?