14 Phere : A cheesy Bollywood-ish wedding drama that works only in parts !

The big fat Indian weddings are always Bollywood's favourite child, extensive set pieces, grandeur frames and a cheesy romantic dramedy in the middle of it always find a spot in the Bollywood audience. 14 Phere on Zee5 is a mindless comedy entertainer that might satisfy the Bollywood-ish fan in you.

Sanjay and Aditi are in love and decide to get married. However their casteist, over pride families won't approve their decision. What happens next is a series of confusing yet hilarious sets of events by the leads to get things to fall in the right place. There are lots of things happening in this film and sadly only a few make sense, 14 phere doesn't add anything new to the film and the term novelty has no role in here. Bollywood has created numerous such wedding dramas in the past and 14 Phere is just a rehearsed version of it. Nonetheless the film manages to evoke few genuine laughter in places and set things moving in a predictable yet party engaging fair. The filmmakers could've spent at least some amount in the writing department to get a better product.

What I found most weird was the treatment of honour killing and cast issues through a comical lens. It's silly how the makers could think of such an angle,they should've dealt with it wisely.The film works big time due to series of talented artists. Vikranth Massey is the sweet, ideal boyfriend material who is effortless and fun to watch on-screen. Kriti Kharbanda looks flamboyant and lightens up the frames with her sparkling chemistry with Vikranth. It's Gauhar Khan and Jameel Khan whose cracking screen presence & witty one-liners makes this more likeable.14 Phere is a treat to the eyes where every frame looks rich and enchanting.

14 Phere lacks a proper foundation despite its strenuous effort to be a perfect dreamy romantic drama. There are few takeaways from the film however it won't last much longer as a whole film. If you're a fan of these big fat wedding dramas, 14 Phere might fascinate the viewer in you.