14 Phere Review: A fun-filled ride but misses the spark

Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda, starring '14 Phere', is a dramedy helmed by Devanshu Singh. The film is currently streaming on Zee5 for 111 minutes featuring Gauhar Khan, Jameel Khan, Yamini Das, and others in supporting characters.


The film has nothing more than what it shows in the trailer, just it goes deep into the plot. The story is about a couple, Sanjay (Vikrant) and Aditi (Kriti), who fall in love and want to marry each other, but their family becomes a big obstacle. If Sanjay is a Rajput, Aditi belongs to a Jat family.


It covers inter-caste marriage, honour killing, chaos, and a lot more, with a fun-comic element. In this movie, they talk about honour killing as if that's very normal and okay. As from the name you can decipher, there will be two weddings and thus the name 14 Phere.


Sanjay and Aditi's love life goes back since their college days, and now they work together at a corporate company. Sanjay makes a plan to get fake parents to meet the real ones from both sides. Here enters Zubina (Gauhar), who calls herself the 'Meryl Streep of Delhi' and Amay (Jameel) as parents. Now, the fun and the chaos begin until something goes wrong.


There's not much to expect from this movie except Kriti's cute screen presence, Vikrant's good acting skills, and Gauhar and Jameel's support. It shows a full-fat Indian wedding with a splash of Bollywood touch. The director wanted to show a lot of things but end up something in a muddle.


Personal Takeaway: Not Worth It!