15 Years Ago Today Phir Hera Pheri & Chup Chup Ke Released, Which One Was Your Favourite?

If you were a child born in an era where you enjoyed both these iconic flicks, congratulations, you're too old now. The two classic comedies 'Phir Hera Pheri & Chup Chup Ke' released today on the same day.


Imagine how spoilt for choices those viewers were who had these movies to choose from. While on one hand we had Raju, Shyam and Baburao making us literally roll on the floor, the other movie was no less. Rajpal Yadav and On Puri were in such top form in Chup Chup Ke.


I know Phir Hera Pheri became a cult overtime through a meme fest, let's be honest and admit we immensely enjoyed Chup Chup Ke as well. Interestingly, Chup Chup Ke was made by Priyadarshan who directed Hera Pheri but could helm its sequel.


Why do not get comedies such as these anymore? Also, what all dialogues do you remember from both the movies?