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2020.txt' unexpected announcement by TXT for the 2nd anniversary of their debut

TXT, Tomorrow by Together shocked fans by releasing '2020.txt,' containing a unique story, on the 2nd anniversary of their debut Beginning with the teaser video, Tomorrow by Together, has released 'DREAMGRAPHY' with group pictures of members, and 'Sriracha', the group cover song, released '2020.txt' on Weverse at 0:00 on the 27th at the global official fan community website.

Tomorrow by Together members posted a sincere storey on the themes of Re, Team, and Tomorrow in '2020.txt,' reflecting closely on 2020. In particular, never-before-seen stories and photos of the group were made public, introducing unique elements. The five members addressed each singer's presence and the importance of the fans prior to their debut in'Re,' and in'Team,' they shared their appreciation to other members while also expressing their aspirations as a team celebrating their second anniversary of their debut.


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