3 American sitcoms that support the LGBTQ community

Here are my 3 picks from the wide-spread of American sitcoms that were released years ago when the LGBTQ community was still taboo yet they bring out most of the colours from the rainbow. It is Pride month and it should be celebrated in the most possible ways.

The Office

The Office was released in 2005 and it continued till 2013. It shows different characters that you might face every day at your office and it very beautifully put all the characters in the right place. It also placed gay characters very smoothly.

The Office is a fun watch streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Modern Family

The Modern Family was released in 2009 and it continued till 2020, with 11 seasons. It shows three kinds of families, nuclear, blended, and same-sex. The characters are build up with a very strong perspective. This sitcom is a must-watch.

It is still streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a story based on fictionalised NYPD, released back in 2013 and its last season is yet to arrive. It has love, friendship, pun, comic timings, it has detective stories, adventures, and many more. But it also showcases gay characters and bi-characters with much respect. Andre Braugher plays Captain Raymond Holt, the first Black Gay detective in the department. Other than him, Stephanie Beatriz plays Detective Rosa Diaz who portrays a bi-sexual character.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine can be watched on Netflix. If you haven't watched it. Please do.