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3 Bollywood Films which may have been better as Web Series

Ever since the OTT explosion has taken shape, many script-writers have shifted their focus from films to web series. The episode format which has been brought about is engaging, with every episode ending on a more and more curious note and cliffhanger. It has proven to keep the audience more hooked.

Keeping this in mind, we were wondering what wonders this format could have done for certain films which failed on the silver screen. Could these ‘curiosities’ and ‘engagement’ have worked for the following films:

1) Roy (2014): This film entered and left the theatres without any notice from viewers. Was the film that bad, or was it just incomprehensible? We think an episodic breakdown of the film could have helped the audience understand it.

2) Bombay Velvet (2014): Although the poor acting performances and ridiculous plot of this film won’t allow us to give it a second chance, we think that the curiosity factor of web series could have made a marginal difference in its receiving. It totally wouldn’t have been renewed for a Season 2 though.

3) Guzaarish (2010): This film was so artistic that even artists found it difficult to connect with it. It was, like Roy, a little complicated and missed appeal. While success is still questionable, a web series format could have at least made this film reach its right audience.

Let us know what you think in the comments! And do give more suggestions!


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