3 chilling crime documentary series that you can watch on Netflix

Netflix has a great range of crime documentaries and if I am saying that they are nerve-chilling, believe me, they are. Here I have listed down my 3 favourite crime documentary series. Let us know what you do you think of it and add your favourites to the list too.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

Dark magic, serial killing, satanic ritual- you ask for it, you will get it. The night I finished watching this documentary series, I couldn't sleep because the incidents were haunting me. Watch this true-crime documentary and you will know.

I Am A Killer

This series is about 10 prisoners who are arrested on the charge of murder and are sentenced to death. In the series, they confess why they did what they did. An interesting watch.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

A 34-year old woman along with her two young daughters go missing and soon enough her husband starts acting weird and things go differently. Watch this dark criminal documentary only on Netflix.

What are your thoughts about these?