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3 Dramas Which are Underrated

100 Days

My Prince Starring Do Kyungsoo from EXO, this drama follows a prince who, following an attack from rebels, wakes up in a village. Suffering from amnesia, this Prince is forced to live among commoners whom he cannot stand. However, as time passes he realises they are not as bad as he might have thought they were.

Cinderella and the Four Knights

This drama is cute, romantic and everything you need on a gloomy day. It follows the typical trend of poor girl and rich boy trope, but is refreshing nevertheless. The OST’s too, are adorable and unforgettable making the show a fun watch.


Telling us the story of a deity and a girl who can see ghosts, this story is unusual but hilarious. It is sad in some moments but is still a good show which deserved more. The editing might be rough at times too, but do not let that stop you from watching it. In fact, it will leave you wanting more!


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