3 K-pop groups to watch out for in the future

Every K-pop group starts off from somewhere; however small the stage may be. These K-pop groups will surely make waves in the industry, eventually.


ATEEZ already has an international fan base who keep supporting their work. They are also going to be starring in the male version of the hit show ‘Queendom’ Their performances are seriously no joke! With powerful vocals, mind-blowing dancers, and amazing visuals; they really are a hidden gem. Give them a chance and they’ll blow you away! 


Coming from the Big 3, JYP, I had really high expectations from this girl group and they’ve done more than just exceed them. With industry aces like Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Yuna along with ‘It’ girls Ryujin and Lia; they really are a well-balanced bunch. I have skipped none of their title tracks. As the saying goes, JYP girl groups really are another breed! 


Formed from the survival show I-Land, this group really caught my attention! The perfect bunch for power-packed performances. They had a well-off fanbase consisting mostly of Bighit stans, but they reached out to new fans with their songs and I see them doing so in the future as well.