3 Kpop idols gearing up for Bulking Season..!

RM’s transformation is one of the most talked about topics! From his earlier debut days to current times, RM had gone from a slim-type figure to a more muscular-toned figure, a definite 'bulk-up' process. During a recent live broadcast, RM shared the importance of flexibility that he is achieving with Pilates. Cha Eun Woo was spotted with some mean muscles during the filming of a drama. The kpop idol/actor keeps working on physique on and off but rumours are he is getting back to mission muscle ! Kwon Hyun Bin shared a single photo, posted without any captions. Since last year, Kwon Hyun Bin has been bulking up his past, tall and slim build. Now, it looks like his Summer body is ready in winters!!