3 pop culture moments that every fan should know

1) EXID Hani’s legendary fancam.

Girl-group EXID faced the threat of disbandment. A fan picked up a magnificent Hani fancam, and the video immediately went viral. The performance was a small one, but it was extremely viral with the fancam taken. This video of her increased her "Up and Down" sales and made EXID considerably more popular. We consider anything legendary, it’s this. 

2) BTS performing DNA on the AMA’S

When BTS became the first K-pop group to perform at an American Awards show by showcasing DNA on the AMA’s. It was nothing short of historic, literally and figuratively. 

3) Gangnam Style going global.

There might not be a soul on earth that doesn’t know about Psy’s Gangnam Style. Back in 2012, this song took over the world, and everyone dancing to the Korean beats. The video of Gangnam style was the most-watched YouTube video surpassing Justin Bieber’s Baby!