3 reasons why you should not miss Mare of Easttown

You may have been listening to all the good things about Mare of Easttown. So let me top that with 3 solid reasons why you should not miss on it. Mare of Easttown is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu.

Mare of Easttown is about a detective Mare Sheehan who investigates a mysterious murder of a young girl along with trying to balance her personal life. Here are 3 reasons.

Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan. Well, if you know, you know that this reason is enough to watch this mystery drama series. Kate's accent, body language as a detective in Easttown, a small town in Pennsylvania.

Small town as a backdrop to set the perfect murder mystery where everybody knows everybody and any incident spreads like a wildfire.

Strong storyline. You wouldn't able to guess what is going to happen next. The plot is tightly wrapped and each episode builds up the story gradually. The cast, the colour palette, lighting, storyline are altogether enough to grip you through the series.

What do you think of this series?