3 Romantic movies without a happy ending that swelled up my eyes; what do you think?

We do not end up with our loved ones every time and each time it aches our heart a little. So, why don't you get your pack of tissue papers and watch my top 3 picks of sad romantic movies?


La La Land:

La La Land has a separate fanbase and I am one of them. We do not always end up with the person whom we love, but does that mean we stop loving them? Of course not. Love doesn't have an on and off switch button that's what this movie tells through these two characters Mia and Sebastian played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. You can find it on Netflix.


Five Feet Apart:

Another my favourite, while watching you may relate to The Fault In Our Stars, but the emotion will reach out to you and you will be left crying. Starring Cole Sprouse, Haley Lu Richardson, five feet apart is a story worth watching.


All The Bright Places:

It was released last year, a Netflix movie starring Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, and others portraying a teen love story that couldn't get to its future. We all have some darkness inside us and when two same kinds of people meet, they try to cure each other with love, affection, and all of the positivity that they have. All The Bright Places is a beautiful movie.


What are yours?