3 Songs to Get You Hyped for the Weekend

The weekend is nearly here, and we cannot wait to let loose, party (safely of course), relax and just be in our zone. For many, that zone is reached with the help of music. So, we have some songs for you. Three songs which will prepare you for this weekend that everyone has been waiting for are:

1. Dynamite - BTS This party song is perfect for those who want to "shine through the city with a little funk and soul". It is sparkly, pastel and happy like most of us are at the thought of a day off!

2. LATATA - (G)I-DLE This song is everything the weekend is - fun, light and enjoyable. The beats and unique vocals will set you in the mood to just have a good time this weekend.

3. COME TO ME - TREASURE Sorry for the capitals, but that is how it is spelled ':) Come to Me is a cute song perfect for those who have some time with their significant other on their weekend plan!