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3 Songs You Should Listen to on a Bad Day

Feel So Good -B.A.P

This summery song will bring a smile to your face in no time. It’s bright MV and tone are catchy and will lift your mood without any issue. In fact, this might be one of their rare songs which is cheerful.

Plz Don’t Be Sad - Highlight

As the name suggests, this song just wants you to smile and be happy! The electronic beats and adorable MV will succeed at making the worst of your days slightly better for sure.

Umpah Umpah - Red Velvet

With a hook that catchy, this song will make your day 10 times better. It feels like ice cream on a terribly warm day and can chase your stress away for quite some time. So, don’t hesitate to check this song out when your day is being a mess.


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