3 Telugu movies/series you can enjoy this weekend on Aha!!

While there are OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon that churn out amazing content, newly emerging digital platforms like Aha are trying to keep up with the giants. Here are 3 films that'll make you suckers for the regional content

Locked- The psychological thiller web series makes for an engaging watch. Since it ended with a high, a second season is expected. Locked will be keep you engrossed for the entire time and jump scares make it even more intriguing!!

Mail - Best slice of life film that's perfect for bingewatch. The film is set in 2000s where Computers were a rage an focuses on perils of internet. Mail is a completely hilarious and super realistic drama film.

Super over - The gripping crime thriller revolves around cricket betting. The entire story happens in one night and it has enough thriller elements.

Which one are you planning to watch?