3 Things that make The great Indian Kitchen a must watch!!

The malayalam drama film now streaming on Neestream is directed by Jeo Baby and features Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramoo in lead roles. The story revolves around a newlyweds where the wife tries to fit into a family that wants her to be submissive. Here are 3 things that make it an interesting watch

The storyline - The way it explores how patriarchy is deeply entrenched in our psyches. God may not be in every pillar but Patriarchy is. Be it taboo against menstruation or marital rape, this film speaks volume about it. 

Title- The title is infact a mockery of the so called 'traditional roles' where the kitchen becomes a solitary confinement of the women. How the contrast is potrayed is what it sets it apart.

Benevolent sexism - Here the male counterparts are not violent and loud but rather soft spoken. But you cannot miss the sexism underlying in the benevolence offered.

What is the one thing you liked the most about the film?