3 Things Salman Khan can learn from Kamal Haasan

Salman Khan and Kamal Haasan are two big names in the entertainment industry. Both of them have achieved milestones today and we all know it wasn't easy for them. Salman is known as the 'Bhai' of Bollywood. He once released that he takes Kamal Haasan as his style icon. Salman does what he pleases and has made that quite clear over the years. There are very few people in the world Salman looks up to and would follow and I think one of them can be Kamal Haasan. Why? Well, here is a list of reasons that Salman Khan can learn from Kamal Haasan:

  1. Acknowledges his mistakes - Kamal Haasan has always acknowledged his mistake. A person who acknowledges his mistake portrays a person who wants to grow.
  2. A good listener - Now, be it with the press or with his fans, the actor always takes out time to listen and then give his opinion.
  3. Values everything - This does not mean that Salman Khan is not grateful but when it comes to strangers, Kamal Haasan has always been compassionate towards everyone.