4 actors who played intercultural roles really well.

Bollywood actors play roles of different cultures which is tough as it requires a lot of knowledge and when do something wrong here and there, they are criticized by the believers of that culture. Here are 4 actors who played the intercultural role with excellence!

1) Shah Rukh Khan as Shekhar Subramaniam - SRK was seen playing the role of Shekhar in the film Ra.one. He was seen playing the role of a smart South-Indian game developer. He perfected their accent and pronunciation which made him seem like a natural actor in the film.

2) Paresh Rawal as Baburao Apte - Paresh Rawal was seen playing the role of Baburao Apte in the film Hera Pheri, he played the role of a Maharashtrian whose presence was felt throughout the film. Apparently, he practiced a lot and his character came out to be so famous and funny.

3) Alia Bhatt as Ananya Swaminathan - Alia played the role of a south-Indian girl in 2 states. Alia Bhatt comes from a mixed lineage of Kashmiri, German and Gujarati cultures but still, she nailed the role of a South-Indian college girl.

4) Salman Khan as Pawan Chaturvedi - Salman was seen playing the role of Pawan Chaturvedi in his famous film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. In this film, he was shown as a strict Brahmin. Salman who is from a Muslim background comes out as a good brahmin character in the movie.