4 K-Dramas that will leave you with a severe case of second lead syndrome!

1. True Beauty

A newcomer to this list is the recently wrapped up tvN drama ‘True Beauty’. The internet split like the red sea to take sides #TeamSeojun or #TeamSuho. This drama left us reaching out for our tissues while watching the last episode. Fans are now demanding a spin-off starring our neighborhood bad boy, Seojun. So that he can finally get his happy ending. 

2. Start-Up

This drama made waves across the internet because this time almost everyone was rooting for the second lead. The main character lacked personality and drive. It made viewers mad when Seo Dalmi chose Nam Dosan, leaving our poor Team Leader Han Ji Pyeong heartbroken. This is one of the most extreme cases of Second Lead Syndrome, and it will most definitely make you want to pull your hair out of frustration.

3. Heirs

A classic that everyone in drama land knows about. Heirs (Also known as Inheritors) was the project that cemented Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye as the rulers of the Hallyu wave. But this project also shot Kim Woo Bin to fame. You root for Woo Bins's character pretty early in the story as he tries to woo Shin Hye (although those actions can also be interpreted as bullying). Plus, his unpleasant history with Lee Minho adds the spice you need to have in your average K-Drama Second lead should have. Woo Bin’s character is a self-proclaimed bad boy, and we would all agree that bad boys won’t get any better than this.

4. Reply 1988

The more I write about this drama, it still feels less. This masterpiece is one of the most-watched dramas in Korean television history and so. Everything from the direction, OST, Characters, and locations is perfect down to the T. What makes this drama special is the mystery about the main lead. They keep us in the dark about who our leading lady is going to end up with up till the last episode and oh boy; the revelation was so sweet. We don’t know who the actual second lead is till the drama ends, so that presents a very bitter-sweet revelation for us. I won’t spoil anything more because if you haven’t seen this drama, start now!