4 Romantic Kdramas to watch on Netflix when you miss your SO!

1. Crash landing on you The BinJin chemistry has left all of us undeniably flustered. After a paragliding mishap, a business chaebols daughter ends up deep in uncharted enemies territory and seeks the help of a Captain to cross the DMZ and into Seoul. This particular series is a must watch for every couple out there. What’s more exciting than a forbidden love.

2. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? The story revolves around a chairman of a corporation and his personal assistant. It has a strong female lead who stands against the unrealistic demands for her boss when she decides to quit her job. It is different from other usual office love drama and not as complex.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo The drama revolves around the genre of hilarious romantic comedy when a group of college athletes finds love while fighting for their dreams. WFKBJ is a light series that leaves a nostalgic feeling for love and positive feelings.

4. Legend of the Blue Sea Mermaids and Lee Min Ho!! Need I say more!! With the twist of imagination and mermaids , it's a lovely love tale. Romance, comedy, and drama along with a beautiful couple with many challenges to face on their road to happiness render this a delightful drama to watch.