4 Scandals that broke the K-pop world! 

1) BigBang was arguably the biggest k-pop band back in 2015, so when news broke out that Seungri’s nightclub, The Burning Sun, was a hub for crime, the k-pop world didn’t hold back its wrath  

2) AOA’s Jimin’s personality was always known to be mischievous, rebellious, and cold. Little did we know that behind the curtain she was anything but that. When fellow member Mina came out with accusations of Jimin bullying, everyone was shellshocked. Jimin left the group shortly after she apologized to Mina.    

  3) Dating is hardly a scandal in western culture, but dating as a k-pop idol is extremely taboo because of the fanbase. So when it was revealed by Dispatch that BLACKPINK’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai were dating, it was an all-out war.

  4) A lot of us know about BTS’ brother group TXT, but we don’t really know about their former sister group GLAM. GLAM was a girl-group under Bighit Ent. They disbanded because they sentenced member Dahee and to one year in prison after attempting to blackmail actor Lee Byung-hun. Do you know about any such scandals? Comment below!