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5 in 1 Facial Cleansing Brush Set – A Must Have Tool!

I discovered this facial cleansing brush set on Amazon which was available at a great deal so I decided to try it out.

It comes with a:

1. Ultra-fine brush for gentle cleansing

2. Make-up sponge for removing makeup

3. Comfortable soft sponge for using around the eyes and cheeks

4. Exfoliating head for gentle exfoliation using face scrubs

5. Rolling Massage head to massage the face


This battery-operated facial brush fits easily in a purse or handbag and you can take it with you to the gym, to work, on vacation or business trips, where you can give yourself a full spa-quality skin-cleaning treatment any time you want.

I used this for one week and saw a difference before and after. This electric face brush cleanses the skin 5 times more effectively than manual cleaning. Truly helps deep cleanse, remove all kinds of makeup and oil residue, gently exfoliates and removes dead skin, cleans clogged pores and promotes blood circulation on the face. A must have tool for all!


TIP: Don’t use this tool frequently as over cleansing might lead to disruption of your natural skin barrier. 


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