5 aspects of the ‘Delhi High Society’ life in Made in Heaven which enticed us

Made in Heaven was an Amazon Prime Original created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti that was released in March 2019. It has almost been two years since its release and fans cannot wait for Season 2. Although there has been no news on the shooting or airing of Season 2, Made in Heaven S1 is only worthy of being refreshed in our memories.

Even though the series churned out everything that was wrong with the High Society Life in Delhi, let’s take a look at what about it entices us viewers.

1. The Khanna House Swimming Pool :- Imagine having a swimming pool that big in your very backyard. Just imagine. Feel like jumping in already, don’t you?

2. Tara Khanna’s closet :- Tara’s clothes in Made in Heaven are Heavenly! She looks like a Goddess with a Gothic vibe going on. It’s extremely appealing. Imagine having an outfit perfect for every occasion!

3. Business Investments :- Imagine having a great business idea, and also having a ready investor to make that dream come true! Adil Khanna wasn’t the ideal, loving husband but he invested in Tara’s business, supported her, and was a shrewd enough businessman to make ‘Made in Heaven’ and Tara independent of him. (are you drooling, because I am)

4. All the varieties of delicious food :- Another prominent thing about ‘Made in Heaven’ was all the parties that the characters constantly had with the splendid, sprawling variety of food. Imagine having such large feasts so frequently!

5. Weddings :- Of course! The weddings of Delhi and its high society are simply too beautiful to find issues with! They’re so enticing, we’d want to get married right now.