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5 Awesome Things To Expect With Hrithik-Deepika Coming Together in Fighter

So, it's happening in all likeliness. Two of the most stylish, prolific and finest stars who haven't yet worked together are joining hands for a massive project. Yes, Hrithik Roshan & Deepika Padukone will soon be seen in together in director Sidharth Anand's 'Fighter'. So these are five things we felt we could expect from this one:

Fresh Pairing - Despite Hrithik Roshan & Deepika Padukone being two of the hottest stars around, they have never come together for any project. The prospects of them sharing screen space is alone worth the price of the ticket. Besides, it's been forever since we saw a fresh pairing between two superstars.

Sidharth Anand Knows How To Make Stars Look Gorgeous - Remember Bang Bang? That was when we all collectively thought, can anyone look more gorgeous than that? Both Hrithik - Katrina were oozing style and charm. Of course with Deepika in fray this time, we can expect the hotness quotient to rise up. Sidharth Anand does know how to infuse style in his actors like nobody else.

Substance, & Not Just Style - Hrithik and Deepika are both recognised actors across country. While Deepika won her first Filmfare Best Actress award for Piku, Hrithik has won it several times for films like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar. Their on screen chemistry is certainly expected to offer a lot of substance besides style.

Won't Just Be A One Man Show - One thing we could certainly guarantee with Deepika hopping on this ride is that Hrithik can't walk away with all the cake. The last time we saw him on screen under Sid's direction in War, Vani Kapoor had very little to offer. That definitely will not be the case with Deepika as the lead. So let's expect a story stiched around the both the male and the female lead.

Indian Top Gun - According to reports, Hrithik is expected to play an Air Force officer. We really haven't seen anything around Air Force done on a large canvas in Bollywood. Sidhart Anand could just be the guy to do that. While we don't want to draw any parallel, but can we expect a Top Gun like Indian action romance to hit the screens?


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