5 best Tv shows on Voot Select to Binge watch !

OTT platforms have gotten a rise in the pandemic, as everyone was stuck at home binge watching was the escape for boredom. Here are 5 series with interesting storyline that are a must watch on Voot Select.
Asur : Welcome to your Dark side - The series is based on where a forensic expert and his mentor find themselves caught in a deadly game with a psychopath killer.

Crackdown - The secret service unit of RAW tasked with hunting down the criminal masterminds plotting a terror attack in India

Illegal : Justice, Out of Order - The show revolves around a young passionate lawyer who wants to punish the guilty, but realises the legal system is far behind.

The Raikar Case - When the young son in the family dies the police start to investigate his death which leads to questions about the rather happy Raikar Family

It’s not that simple - The series follows a storyline around urban marriage and a married woman who isn’t happy with her marriage.

Which one have you watched ?