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5 best but underrated performances of Radhika Apte; what do you think?

Sometimes, we as an audience miss out on true talents and watch what gets more attention. But actors give their best no matter what, thus we should watch all kinds of content to enrich ourselves with good movies. Radhika Apte is one of the actresses who deserve recognition and appreciation for the roles she had done.


Phobia is a movie that deals with the medical condition of agoraphobia, and Radhika Apte plays that character who suffers from this after getting molested by a taxi driver. The film may not hit the box office, but Radhika was a show-stealer. Watch it on Zee5.


The series with three episodes is about eerie paranormal activity and thrilling action sequences. When a prisoner comes in military detention, a young investigator searches for the truth. Radhika Apte plays that investigator's character. Watch it on Netflix to know how it is.

Raat Akeli Hai

A thriller movie that revolves around murder mystery stars Radhika Apte, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, along with others. Nawazuddin plays a police officer's character who investigates the case, and Radhika is the newlywed of the person who is murdered. It's a beautifully stitched story, and Radhika did her best part. Currently streaming on Netflix.

Manjhi: The Mountain Man

In this film, she played Dasrath's (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) wife character. She showed a strong will powered woman who followed her heart to marry the love of her life. She may not have a long screen time in this film, but her scenes with Nawazuddin and the last fall deserve special mention. Streaming on Netflix.


Parched is a movie about women and their desires. The film revolves around four women, and among them, Radhika Apte plays Lajjo's character. She desired love and sexual pleasures, but as she couldn't conceive, she only received abuses in her marriage. She presented a strong-minded character and deserves applauds. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video. 


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