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5 Bollywood Celebrities That Have The Worst Tantrums!

1. Katrina Kaif- she is the ultimate diva, there are so many stories about her multiple tantrums. Apparently if she is on a flight, she will not talk to flight staff, her team will communicate to cabin crew on her behalf. One flight attendant asked Katrina to wear her seatbelt, and Katrina yelled at her until she apologized.

2. Kareena Kapoor- she only works with A-listers and I remember how Anurag Kashyap called her out for it. There are also stories of her tantrums on set related to her makeup and clothes, she kind of mistreats her staff.

3. Sonam Kapoor- she threw a huge fit on a set because she was not given a room, and would not come to the set until the filmmakers came to convince her.

4. Ranveer Singh- on a flight to Kolkata, he argued with an air hostess because a non-veg was not available.

5. Akshay Kumar- on the sets of "Gabbar is Back" he slapped a fan.. now that is the most shocking news to me.

Which other celeb throws the most tantrums?


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