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5 Celebrity Biopics That Would Be Amazing To Watch!

I was recently rewatching Sanju, and I was thinking about which celebrity biopics would be super interesting to watch. Here is the list-

Amitabh Bachchan- the story of Big B is so inspiring. His journey from a debutante to a superstar, along with his bankruptcy, affair with Rekha and hospitalization. His life is a movie in itself.

Salman Khan- the bad boy of Bollywood. His story would make a superhit film. The plot would have everything from arrests and court cases to controversial breakups and fights.

Shahrukh Khan- his journey is super inspiring, his journey to become the King of Bollywood is amazing. Plus his controversy with PC would be something to watch.

Sushant Singh Rajput- RIP to this angel. His biopic would touch a lot of sensitive topics like nepotism and suicide.

Sridevi- the first female superstar. I would love to see her journey to become a superstar and her life until her death, RIP to her.

Which other celebrity biopics would you want to watch?


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