5 Great Examples Of Most Typecast Actors In Bollywood

It's easy to get type-cast in Bollywood. An actor is expected to don several hats according to the roles written for him. Yet there are certain exceptions. Some actors had gotten so deep into the skin of their character in their movies that it became difficult for them to break the mould and come out of it.

1) Kirron Kher - She is the quintessential punjabi mother of bollywood, whether playing a strict yet funny mother of DJ in Rang De Basanti, a cynical mother in Dostana, or a friendly one in HumTum, she is the 21st century punjabi mother.

2) Ranjeet - Ranjeet was the most notorious villains of all times in bollywood history during 70s and 80s. He was always given a rape scene in his films and hence was typecast as rapist in bollywood.

3) Lillete Dubey - Fanaa, Kal Ho Na Ho, Housefull, Corporate, Lakshya, Baghban, in almost every movie, she’d be that sassy, modern woman in the Western outfit with her own bold principles, just to add that little ‘I’m still young’ touch to the movie.

4) Alok Nath - Alok Nath has to be in this list. Be it a TV show or a movie or even a skit, this actor has stereotyped his role as an over caring, sentimental and ascetic Babuji.

5) Reema Lagoo - If Alok Nath is the father, the mother has to be Reema Lagoo. She has played a humble mother, to almost every young actor. Reema Lagoo was the modern day mom in Bollywood, a role she was typecast in till the end of her days!

Can you name any other actors ?