5 Highest taxpayers in Bollywood!!

1) Amitabh Bachchan - The Big B of Bollywood's personality is larger than life and his tremendous aura translates off-screen and in his finances as well. Apart from TV commercials, and films, the actor hosts a popular reality show that helps him fill his coffers up to the brim. No wonder he's the highest taxpayer in Bollywood and according to reports, he paid 70 crores as tax for the financial year 2018-19.

2) Salman Khan - He's got millions of fans who are crazy about his macho screen presence and his humane off-screen personality. Be it his movies or his commercial and regular television appearances, Salman mints more than enough money and pays 44 crores as tax to the government.

3) Akshay Kumar - Khiladi also passes off as one of the biggest taxpayers of Bollywood. Even when he forsakes his Indian citizenship, Akshay didn't necessarily let go of his Indianess as his choice of patriotic and socially relevant films. As of now, Akshay pays around 29.5 crores as tax.

4) Hrithik Roshan - This actor had once paid 80 crores as advance tax. Hrithik makes it matter with his contribution even as a taxpayer. He pays around 25.5 crores as tax to the government. He sure knows how to make fans swoon with his good looks as well as finances.

5) Shah Rukh Khan - The Badshah of Bollywood who has forever held fans and critics with not only his screen presence but also huge business ventures. With an approximate tax payment of 22 crores, Shah Rukh comes in the top 5 actors who pay the highest tax. SRK is one of the richest actors in this industry.