5 Idols Who Debuted Young

Debuting as a K-Pop idol is an achievement of its own. To make it to the industry is a hurdle many often fail to overcome and give up at. However, many idols jump over it and ace as idols. Here are 5 idols who were barely teenagers when they debuted.

1. Jungkook: Our beloved maknae from BTS was only 15 years old when he debuted. In fact, he even joined school a year late to give some time to his career as an idol.

2. Jisung Jisung from NCT was only 14 years old when he debuted in NCT Dream with Chewing Gum. He is only 18.5 years now so we can say that we have seen him grow up!

3. Taemin Taemin from SHINee was also only 14 years old when he debuted in 2008. He is barely 25 now, and the country quite literally claims to have seen him grow up.

4. Ahn Sohee Ahn Sohee formerly from Wonder Girls was only 14 when she debuted! She is still remembered for her "omona" line in Tell Me.

5. HyunA One of the biggest names in the industry even today, HyunA was also only 14 when she debuted in Wonder Girls! She is considered as a true marvel in the industry for growing into the confident woman we see today.

So, as you can see, 14 to 15 seems to be the average for debuting maknaes in South Korea. In fact, TRCNG, as a group debuted in 2017 with an average age of 15 years! What do you think about idols debuting at such a young age?