5 inside jokes that only BTS ARMYs can understand!!

Being an ARMY is a funny, emotional, enjoyable and most of all a wholesome experience. What makes it even more better is the inside jokes that'll make you go ROFL. Here are 5 such jokes that only an ARMYs can understand

Pornessian Parappio - The FUNNIEST sequence in the bon Voyage season was when they gave themselves fake names. It's none other than RM who gave this iconic name.

Ding Dong - You can't unhear this. I dare you to listen to Jungkook saying Dingdong. It'll stay in your head forever. I had this as my message tone for a long time!

Calm down my daughter - This meme never gets old. NEVER! The House of Army was super entertaining with hilarious moments. Jhope consoling RM with calm down my daughter will make anyone cackle loud.

I'm not your oppa - How fed up Jungkook must be to say this lol? In a fan meet, He said this to an ARMY (older than him) who kept calling him 'OPPA'. So he asked all the ARMYs to bring IDs and that he'll personally check them. Cutest!!

Rrrrrap Monster - Even though Namjoon changed his name from rap monster to RM, for no reason Jungkook draws so much happiness from calling him rrrrrrap monster in weird ass voices.

Which inside joke do you think is the best?