5 Major K-dramas adapted from Webtoons..!

Itaewon class- The webtoon "Itaewon Class" was adapted into a drama. It tells the story of young people who are united in stubbornness and courage starting a food-related business in Itaewon. Fighting through all odds and personal problems. The drama made it big and is a revolutionary drama.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim- It was first published as a novel written by Jung Kyung-yoo before being adapted into an online comic. In 2018, it was turned into a drama that has won the hearts of many! Lee Young-joon is a rich and handsome vice-president of a big company. His secretary called Kim Mi-so, who has been working for him for close to 9 years. But when she decides to call it quits, Young-joon needs to find a reason to make her stay.

Love Alarm- “Love Alarm”is a webtoon about people that want to know their true heart in a society where people use an app to find out who likes them. The drama is on Netflix! Love Alarm season 2 is coming soon! Kim SoHyun, Song Kang, and Jung GaRam are one again the main cast.

Extraordinary You- The popular webtoon "July Found By Chance" written by MuRyu. The title of the drama is slightly different: "Extraordinary You". It is a high school fantasy romance drama. It tells the story of a girl who realizes that she is a supporting character inside a manga, she tries to change the fixed story.

The Uncanny Counter- The fantasy and thriller webtoon "Amazing Rumor" by JangYi was adapted into the drama. It tells the story of evil spirits of the afterlives who come down to earth to have eternal life and the counters that are capturing them. Unfortunately the webtoon is not available in any other languages excluding Korean.