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5 Male Idols Who Rocked Skirts

Korean Pop or K-Pop idols are known for challenging gender norms. It is commonly seen and has been criticized for encouraging men to be “feminine”. However, here are 5 men who could not care any less for what the people had to say. 1. G-Dragon & BIGBANG G-Dragon is often referred to as the King of K-Pop and Fashion for resetting trends and norms. In fact, his group, Big Bang wore skirts as a part of their concept for ‘Tonight’. 2. Sehun Sehun wore a skirt for his photoshoot with Dazed, and can we just say, he looked amazing. His long legs complimented the black skirt and the black and white filter make the look unforgettable. 3. V BTS’s V is known for his interesting looks, and this photo of him casually donning a skirt is both cute and daring. He pairs it with a sweatshirt to make it effortless and cool - something he is all the time. 4. Soobin TXT as a group has made many headlines for their novel fashion sense. The half skirt Soobin wore for one of their performances was no less and caused quite the rage among fans who complimented him for this. 5. Lee Hong-Ki Lee Hong-Ki is another idol who is famous for doing the unconventional. From releasing a nail kit to donning a skirt - let’s just say that this man is fearless.

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