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5 Songs every K-pop fan should know! 

If you are a K-pop fan, you probably already know them. These songs have unlocked the legendary status in this industry and fandom in every variety show, talk show, conversation these songs will always pop up.

Here are five songs that you as a K-pop fan should definitely know about.

1) Bang Bang Bang - BigBang

Bang Bang Bang is so legendary that some idols were inspired to become performer because of it. BigBang were the uncrowned Kings of the K-pop world back in their day. And this is the song that showcases the talent to the best of their ability. Catchy beats, catchy lyrics. This song is definitely one you should know about.

2) Gee -SNSD

Girl’s generation better known as SNSD was the national group of Korea since 2010 and this was the song that gave them that title. Gee was their, hit, and they never saw a sign of stopping after it. Gee is a very SM-Esque song that plays with the innocence of the group’s visuals and the catchy dances and also the fashion choices make this song a front runner on this list!

3) Bubble pop - HyunA

HyunA is undoubtedly the queen of summer with hits like Crazy, Red, Lip, and Hip. But the crowning glory of HyunA remains ‘Bubble Pop’. This was the song that got her charted on the k-pop scene. She even made the choreography of this song herself. It’s the ultimate summer track that you can listen to one never get bored with.

4) I am the best - 2NE1

2NE1 was the world-famous girl group from YG, way before BLACKPINK succeeded them. Their songs were the first ones to have reached the Billboard. This song perfectly showcases the music style and discography. This track is a boss woman track and one that every girl needs in her playlist.

5) Sorry Sorry - SuJu

This song was the international viral hit back in 2010. Every single person back then was singing this song and still is. This song is so legendary that multiple idols such as BTS, Twice, and NCT have covered it and the covers just don’t seem to stop.


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