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6 things that every Army noticed in the teaser of BTS Indian interview with Sakshma Srivastava

1) .Jin gave his world wide introduction after a long time starting with the word 'Namaste'. 2). Compared to all the other American interviews that BTS is been doing since the 'Butter' release, they looked more happy and comfortable in the teaser. 3). V is usually the one to remain silent in such interviews but it seems like that Sakshma really did pass V's vibe. 4). Jungkook touching his ears when he is shy is the peak of devastation for Armys. When Sakshma said 'I love your hair', he literally blushed and touched his ears. 5). When non Korean interviews take place, it's normally only RM answering since he knows English. But hopefully Sakshma did a great job and talked to each one of them. 6). And the highlight of the teaser, BTS speaking in Hindi, 'Indian Armys stay in our heart'. Armys went crazy when they heard it. Obviously we can't wait for 5th June, for the broadcast to air!


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