5 Things you probably didn't notice in Maara!!

Spoilers ahead!!  Dilip Kumar's 'Maara' that had Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath playing lead roles was released on Amazon Prime. The fantasy romantic drama film had beautiful visual elements blended with intricate storytelling. Here are 5 things you probably didn't notice in the film

Shape of Conch - The film starts with a visually pleasing animation and that had a scene where birds were flying in the shape of a 'conch'.

Red Shawl- In the same animation, you could see the sepoy wearing a red coloured shawl. When Shradda meets/sees Maara for the first time she wore a red Shawl. Also, the shawl fluttering in the breeze, remember?

Meenakshi- When Paru searches for the complete picture of the painting that Maara has done on the walls, you could see the foreshadowing. A shop named 'Meenakshi' could be seen!

Bus Horn-Conch - When Paru's grandmom suddenly has a seizure, the bus comes to a stop with a loud horn sound. At the same time, Maara would be traveling parallely in a train. The bus horn could be taken as a conch that sounds when they're in close proximity!!

Red and Blue lighting - Film usually use the lighting elements to bring out different shades of the character. Here the same colour dichotomy Red-Blue is used. Red is used when Shradda's scenes crop up while Maara can be see predominantly in Blue lighting.Mind-blowing isn't it?!

P.S For more hidden details check out this video