5 times Aamir Khan landed in controversies!

1) Aamir Khan is famous for not attending the award ceremonies. When asked about the same, he said that he has no objections to film awards, he just feels that if he doesn't value a particular award then he won't attend it. Apart from National awards, he doesn't value any other award ceremony.

2) Aamir had an opportunity for a wax imitation of his statue at the Madame Tussauds, he denied it and his justifications were, " It's not important to me, people will watch my films if they want to. I cannot deal with so many things, I have bandwidth only for that much."

3) Aamir is probably one of the rare celebrities who doesn't support a cause by talking about it in the media but believes in action as well. In 2006, Aamir openly supported activist Medha Patkar in demonstrations by the Narmada Bachao Andolan committee which faced a lot of protests. His movie Fanaa also faced extreme protests in parts of the country.

4) In 2015, the actor spoke about the famous AIB celebrity roast, calling the entire episode an example of 'verbal violence'. Aamir said, "I completely believe in freedom of speech but we have to understand that we all have a certain responsibility. When I heard what was being described to me I felt it was a violent event.

5) The poster of his movie PK had Aamir standing on a railway track in his 'birthday suit' with just a transistor covering his modesty Several NGO's burnt the film's poster and protested against it. Many theatres showing PK were vandalized as the film allegedly hurt the sentiments of Hindus.