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5 Times Rihanna Broke The Internet

With her recent tweet on the ongoing farmers protest in India Rihanna for sure is the talk of the town right now. So much so that from the likes of bollywood celebs to cricketing legends, from government officials to media journalists, nobody wants to spare themselves from a reaction. Seems like 'She' has done it again! But this for sure is not the very first time.

So here's Pinkvila presenting to you, " Five Times when Rihanna broke the internet before "

5. 2014 CFDA naked dress :- This was way back in 2014 when Rihanna was to be presented with the Style Icon Award at the CFDA fashion event but to everybody's surprise she ushered in wearing a sparkling see-through naked gown. The iconic moment which some fashionistas believe marks the start of a new era of nude dresses can be summed up by this quote from Rihanna, "There are rules to fashion but rules are meant to be broken."

4. The best selling digital singles artist of all time :-  In 2015 the singer made headlines once again when she surpassed more than hundred million gold and platinum song certifications as per a report by the Recording Industry Association of America and that too by becoming the first ever artist to achieve such a feat! Quite an achievement for a 10 year career, huh !?

3. The first Black Brand Ambassador at Dior :- It only took 69 years but the French luxury house Dior finally decided to go with Rihanna being its first Black campaign star. "This is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of my colour." said the pop icon as she made history once again.

2. Harvard's humanitarian of the Year 2017 :- In recognition of her dedication to promoting educational programs Rihanna was named the 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the year. Now besides her own foundation which helps students from Caribbean countries going to colleges in the US, she has also been known to actively support the Global partnership for education and Global Citizen project providing education to tens of millions of young students around the world.

1. That 'Infamous' tweet :- On 2nd of Feb 2021 at 8:15 p.m. IST Rihanna tweeted a CNN article highlighting the internet ban in parts of Delhi to suppress farmer's voices. And that is all it took! JUST ONE TWEET! Enough to send her name to the top of social media trends in India. While it drew a lot of anger from the Indian Government and its supporters, her post which said, " Why aren't we talking about this? (referring to the farmer's protest)" drew Global outpouring of support and an immediate attention of the entire world.

And that was the list guys. Follow Pinkvila for more updates.


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