5 unknown facts about Hwang In Yeop

1.Hwang In Yeop was a model Hwang in Yeop started his career as a model. Though he wanted to become an actor he opted to become a model because of his love for fashion.

2.He’s a huge Pokémon fan In several interviews, Hwang In Yeop has mentioned that he’s a big Pokémon fan. He even posted Pikachu on his Instagram and his Instagram profile picture is of Ditto.

3. His acting debut was in the web drama “WHY” When he finally decided to act he auditioned for the role of Gi Jae Young in the web drama “WHY,” playing one of the best friends of the main lead.

4. He studied in the Philippines Hwang In Yeop studied at the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School in Davao and aspired of becoming a fashion designer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Fashion Design in 2012.

5. He has a little brother who is a producer. It seems as though artistic talent runs in the family as Hwang In Yeop has a little brother who is a producer, singer, songwriter, and even has his own Youtube channel where he does covers of popular songs.